Color Test Result Output#


To enable the colorization of the test result output, you can turn the trace.coloredOutput to true in the configuration

The color will only be visible in supported place, like in Rider test runner or in the console when running test using dotnet test.

You can turn off the color by setting NO_COLOR=1 environment variable. This can be useful when you run the tests on a build server that does not support colors.


You can customize the colors by configuring a Hook and injecting IColorOutputTheme like in the following example.

Hook File#
public class Hooks
    public static void ConfigureColor(IColorOutputTheme colorOutputTheme)
        colorOutputTheme.Keyword = AnsiColor.Reset;
        colorOutputTheme.Error = AnsiColor.Composite(AnsiColor.Bold, AnsiColor.Foreground(TerminalRgbColor.FromHex("FF8EF3")));
        colorOutputTheme.Done = AnsiColor.Foreground(TerminalRgbColor.FromHex("3A86FF"));