Feature Files#

The feature files are the files that contain the BDD executable specification.

The feature files are plain text files with the .feature extension. You can put feature files in any folders within the Reqnroll project, but the convention is to have a Features folder in your project and put the feature files in that folder, optionally in sub-folders.

The format of the feature files is called Gherkin that is specified and maintained by the Cucumber project. For a full language reference please check the Cucumber documentation.

The following example shows a feature file that describes the addition functionality of a calculator.

Feature: Calculator

Simple calculator for adding two numbers

Rule: Add should calculate the sum of the entered numbers

Scenario: Add two numbers
	Given the first number is 50
	And the second number is 70
	When the two numbers are added
	Then the result should be 120

Please also check the Gherkin Reference section of the Reqnroll documentation for the details of the feature file syntax.